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EMALY, a French cosmetics laboratory, offers a range of standard private-label formulas, as well as specific formulas for eyelashes and eyebrows. Among other things, our unique dosages are tailored to customer needs, whether for small, medium or large quantities. With rapid, made-to-measure production, EMALY leverages its 24 years of experience to support emerging brands.

Since 2000, EMALY has been developing its own formulas for technical and skincare products, with an emphasis on eyelash and eyebrow products. Our production and filling unit enables us to create innovative and creative products to meet market needs.

Our formulas are tested in real-life situations after each production run. This guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our products before they are put into containers. Maintaining these high standards to satisfy your customers and reinforce our reputation is our priority in the beauty industry!

We’ve also had a training center in the Paris region since 2000, demonstrating our commitment to quality and professional training in the beauty industry.

We offer high-level training, with comprehensive programs in hybrid, distance and/or face-to-face formats, and in-depth techniques to best meet your needs. A testament to our commitment to quality and professional training in the beauty industry.

Our center is QUALIOPI-certified and ARS-registered, so it complies with health and hygiene standards.


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