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Our history...


Emma Engrand creates her society Emaly and starts her activity proposing new techniques of beauty to a general public clientele.

Emaly's older Logo


Creation of Cilong. Performing herself the training and the commercialisation of her products helped by an assistant, they move through France and abroad.

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Opening of the first formation center Emaly in Ile de France and one antenna in Marseille. She decides to give long duration and high quality training, only for professionals of beauty with a limited number of customers thus doing of Cilong a recognized brand of eyeslash extension. The distribution and the formation of the brand Cilong remains exclusive to Emaly.


Since then, Emma ENGRAND has continued to focus on research and development of high quality products while remaining a specialist of the look. The fruit of a close collaboration with the laboratories and her experience, a range of Cilong specific products for eyelashes aimed at the general public (organic lotion, mascara, sheathing care and a silk sericine balm) is developed. At the same time, with the help of the laboratory, she decides to develop another technique "the lash lift" with its own formula and thus deposits its new brand Cilo. Packaged in unique doses and silicone forms reusable called "diadems", replacing the curler and facilitating the installation. An essay phase will follow.


Moving to a larger space for the Emaly center in Ile de France. The lotion "the bio of Cilong" is launched. Certifying the first specific organic lotion for eyelash extensions.


Creation of the brand Cilo and launch of the lash lift.

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Launch of 3 in 1 Duocil mascara from Cilong.
Launch of sheathing treatment and eyelash sericine silk from Cilong enriched with silk protein.


At the same time, she decides to test an other technique "the Semi-Permanent Mascara" and deposits her last brand "Cilonyx". Test of Semi-Permanent Mascara.

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Creation of the brand Cilonyx and launch of Semi-Permanent Mascara

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Launch of 3D/6D eyelash extensions (Russian volume) and silk eyebrows extensions Cilong

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Setting up of the research and development laboratory

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Launch of Microblading in partnership with David BROW ART (double world champion), followed personalized Cilong trainings including MicroShading.


The R&D laboratory has taken an important place for Emma ENGRAND in order to bring innovation on the products of the look.


Cilo wins the Pierantoni price for her Mini glue of the lash lift.

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The founder

Her's a picture of the founder of EMALY, Emma ENGRAND.

Creativity and innovation are her watchwords.

Emma ENGRAND perfectly responds and attends beauty professionals by giving them access to efficient products, high level trainings and a complete marketing policy in institute. Research in development has become her priority, in order to bring a new solution for nowadays aestheticians.


The training center

DATADOCK certificationWhy choosing our center ?

We propose excellent trainings, our programs are complete and we have deep techniques in order to attend to your needs.
All our products are meticulously elaborated and we regularly make them evolve to stay current trends.
We also have adapted trainings to your needs, the trainer is at your disposition to answer your questions at any time.
Our center is referenced DATADOCK and we respect required hygiene standards for the practice of look aesthetic techniques.

Which expertise ?

Our trainer gives you the benefit of 18 years of experience specialized in eye techniques. Our center supports you since almost 20 years and all our trainings are rated in the best conditions by each of our trainees.

How do we train ?

Groups are made of 6 trainees maximum. You practice on real models chosen by our care and we support you before, during and after your training. Our account manager supports you in all your purchases.

The laboratory

Laboratory picture
laboratory's logo

The most important stage for Emma Engrand is the « research and development » laboratory launch in proper noun. As it is sometimes difficult for her to convince laboratories to innovate and formulate on little amounts destined for extension application, the brand now has his own laboratory. Indeed, since more than 4 years EMALY develops and formulates its own raw materials.

Our brands

Cilong's Logo Eyelash extensions is a performance that requires technicity and meticulousness. Under that perspective, EMALY society created the brand Cilong witch proposes products of quality. It certainly emphasizes trainings in order to transmit it professionalism on the pose.<br><br>CILONG AT THE SERVICE OF EYES BEAUTY<br><br> Eyelashes extension is a product that starts to know a big success in Europe thanks to “Emaly” society, which has brought the concept from Asia in the beginning of the 2000's, redesigned with french laboratories for raw materials and readapted on European norms. Besides a large range of eyelashes extensions the brand propose all the needed material for the pose and cleaning of extensions, as well as kits and marketing display stand.<br>The society also dispenses trainings in the South of France, in its second training center located in Marseille. “Cilong”'s spirit, it is making every effort on allowing you to master your high quality prestation which will place the institute ahead.
Cilo's Logo New generation permanent for lashes, revisited thanks to silicone forms (diadems) reusable at will as well as single doses which permits optimal conservation, lash lift is the last trend in eyelashes technique.<br><br> Since now a long time, aestheticians left this technique because of too rigid curlers, difficult to place and giving a too pronounced result. The permanent containted in little bottles, should be used very quickly after its opening due to limited conservation. “Lash lift” permits to lift up lashes, giving a lengthening aspect and opening the look. It fits approximately 2 months. EMALY's eager to bring quality service, has set up a training about the technique, by knowing this one is not required.
Cilonyx's Logo Which woman does not have dream one day to wake up with her faultless mascara on, without having to do her make up again and without having marks during the day ? « Cilonyx » Semi-Permanent Mascara is a new trend phenomene in lash lift.<br><br> Thanks to specific formula associated to trained technician's knowledge, «Cilonyx» mascara applies itself on natural lashes. Layers of «Cilonyx» mascara determines the density of the result, natural or sophisticated. It applies also on bottom lashes. Guaranteed effect ! The « Cilonyx » Semi-Permanent Mascara colores, curves, lengthens and thickens natural lashes during approximately 6 weeks.

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