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Eyelash extensions require technique and precision. EMALY created the Cilong brand, offering high quality products, with this in mind. The company focuses on training to transmit its professional application skills.


Eyelash extensions are becoming highly successful in Europe thanks to Emaly, the company which brought the concept over from Asia in the early 2000s, redesigning eyelash extensions with French laboratories to adapt to European standards and raw materials. As well as a wide range of eyelash extensions, the brand offers all the equipment necessary for applying and maintaining extensions, including marketing kits and display stands.


also provides training in the south of France, through its second training centre in Marseille. The “Cilong” spirit means doing everything possible to help you master a high quality skill and make your beauty salon a cut above the rest.


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in Pro-Esthetic magazine

Pro Esthetic : Who are your training programmes for?
Emma Engrand : They are mainly for practising beauty professionals.

P. E. : What are your brand’s strengths?
E. E. : We provide training ourselves. This means we are able to answer all the questions asked by beauty therapists and build a relationship of trust with them. We are always available to answer all queries and offer the chance to perfect skills.

P. E. : How long do eyelash extensions last?

Six to eight weeks. We recommend touch-ups or regular checks after this period every 3-4 weeks. You begin with a full set of eyelash extensions which eventually begin to fall in accordance with the life cycle of your natural lashes.

P. E. : How long does it take to apply eyelash extensions?

Applying a full set of eyelash extensions takes about an hour and a half (for an average of sixty lashes per eye).

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Emaly has revamped new generation eyelash perming with reusable diadem-shaped silicon curlers and single dose packaging for optimum product preservation. Eyelash perming is the latest trend in lash techniques.

Beauty therapists had long abandoned eyelash perming - lash curlers were too rigid, difficult to apply and gave results that were too pronounced. Short shelf life also meant that the permanent contained within small bottles had to be used very quickly after opening.

Eyelash perming curls the lashes upwards, for a lengthening effect and to ‘open up’ the eyes. Results last approximately two months.

Eager to provide high quality service, EMALY has prepared a training programme for this technique, although it is not a requisite for using the product.


The Cilo Eyelash Perming Kit
includes all the products necessary, they are French formula guaranteed.

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Cilo Eyelash Perming effect

Who has never dreamt of waking in the morning with flawless mascara, without having to reapply makeup or having traces of mascara around the eyes all day long? Cilonyx semi-permanent mascara is the new phenomenon in eyelash beauty.

Thanks to its specific formula combined with the expertise of a trained beauty therapist, “Cilonyx” mascara is applied to your natural lashes. The number of “Cilonyx” layers determines the density of the end result - from a natural eyelash look to more sophisticated eyes. Can also be applied to lower lashes. Guaranteed effect!

Cilonyx semi-permanent mascara dyes, curls, lengthens and thickens natural lashes for approximately six weeks.

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Cilonyx Semi-Permanent Mascara