Engoff Fraoff

Emma Engrand created EMALY in 2000 and began by offering new beauty techniques for the general public.

In no time at all, the brands with which Emma works asked her to sell and provide training on their products, as well as participate in various beauty congresses in France and Europe.

During a trip to Asia, Emma discovered “eyelash extensions” and sensed that this technique would become the very latest cosmetics trend. She brought the concept back to France and redesigned the products with the help of French laboratories. After a two-year testing phase, Emma launched her brand.


In 2007 : The Cilong brand was created. Marketing the products and providing training herself, Emma and her assistant travelled all over France and abroad.

In 2008 : The first EMALY training centre was opened in the Ile de France region, with a branch in Marseille. Emma decided to offer high quality long-term training for beauty professionals only, making Cilong a well-known brand of eyelash extensions as a result. EMALY continues to enjoy exclusive distribution and training rights for Cilong eyelash extensions.

Centre de Formation

Creativity and innovation are Emma’s watchwords.

She has relentlessly focused on the research and development of high quality products whilst remaining a specialist in eye cosmetics. Close collaboration with laboratories and Emma’s experience have resulted in the development of a specific Cilong eyelash product range for the general public (organic lotion, mascara, lash thickener and silk protein balm).

With the help of a laboratory, Emma also decided to develop an “eyelash perming” technique using her own formula and consequently created a new brand called Cilo. Packaged singly, these reusable silicon - diadem-shaped - eyelash curlers replace traditional curlers and make eyelash perming easy. A test phase is to follow.

EMALY continued its development.

In 2009 : The EMALY centre moved premises to a larger facility in the Ile de France region.

Also in 2009 : The "le bio de Cilong " organic lotion was launched - the first specific organic lotion for eyelash extensions.


In 2010 : The Cilo brand was created and Eyelash Perming launched.

In 2011 :Cilong’s Duocil 3-in-1 mascara was launched.

In 2011 :Cilong’s silk-protein enriched Lash Thickener and Lash Silk were also launched.

Kit de Rehaussement de Cils


Emma decided to test another “Semi-Permanent Mascara” technique at the same time and consequently created her latest brand: Cilonyx.

In 2011 : The Semi-Permanent Mascara was tested.

In 2012 : The Cilonyx brand was created and Semi-Permanent Mascara launched.

EMALY perfectly meets the needs of beauty professionals, offering them effective products, top level training and a comprehensive marketing policy for beauty salons. By means of training adapted to the techniques required, EMALY gives beauty therapists the opportunity to promote their expertise.